Webdav (files)

Milton is compatible with all major OS webdav clients, including Windows explorer, Mac Finder, Gnome Nautilus, KDE Dolphin, etc

This also includes major office productivity suites, such as MS Office and Open Office

Carddav (contacts)

Is compatible with Mac OS AddressBook, iOS (eg iphone and ipad) and main android apps (3rd party)

Caldav (calendars)

Compatible with Thunderbird, Mac OS iCal, iOS (eg iphone and ipad) and main 3rd party android apps

Note that milton does not currently support attendees, scheduling and free-busy. Coming soon


This compatibility applies when milton is installed according to recomendeded guidelines - run on the root context, on port 80.

Confirm it

You are encouraged to verify compatibility with your required clients by using the milton-bandstand demo. Just check it out from github and run with maven