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Java Webdav Server Library

Supports: Webdav level 2 / CalDav / CardDav

Integrate your java web app with desktop and mobile devices for files, calendars and contacts

Your data could be relational databases, file system, web services or any other data source

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices, and pretty much everything else.

How do i use it?

With annotations...

public List getBands(..) {
   return Band.findAll();

Or with interfaces

class SolarSystem implements CollectionResource {
public List getChildren() {
 files = new ArrayList();
 for( Planet s : getPlanets()){
 return files;


The tutorials are guided, step-by-step instructions with sample code, videos, screen shots and complete projects.

Webdav server tutorials


API reference docs and developer guide, see the milton documentation

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Mailing List

The milton mailing list is friendly, helpful and always responsive.

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License information

Milton has a free, apache licensed, module for basic webdav. And an enterprise edition for advanced webdav capabilities such as Carddav, Caldav and DAV level2+

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Old news

  • 21/9/2012 - Community edition is out. Now you can use Dav level 1 features (webdav without locking) with an Apache2 licensed community edition (milton-server-ce). For advanced features including locking,caldav and carddav use the Enterprise edition (milton-server-ent)
  • 10/7/2012 - Released Milton2!! Major refactoring, 1.8.x will still be maintained. Note the new milton licensing terms
  • 10/7/2012 - Released 1.8.1. Changes to content type handling, and introduced support for if-match and if-none-match
  • 1/5/2012 - Moved from subversion to github. And new domain
  • 27/4/2012 - Have received some large patches, so changing dev version to 1.8.0
  • 11/9/2011 - We've been having some issues with the mailing list for the last few weeks, all resolved now thanks to Steve Sobol.
  • 1/9/2011 - 1.6.4 release, fixed some character encoding issues in COPY and MOVE
  • 11/7/2011 - 1.6.2 released, a couple of fixes and ZSync support! Now you can add rsync like file syncronisation to your app!
  • 26/5/2011 - caldav has been successfully tested on Apple iCal, Thunderbird, iPhone and some Android apps.
  • 2/5/2011 - 1.5.10 released, many minor improvements.
  • 31/3/2010 - Released 1.5.2 - lots of little fixes and improvements
  • 8/2/2010 - great link from Peter Monks about the webdav designer's mistakes