McEvoy Software Ltd provides its software on a number of licenses to meet the needs of different users.

Free and Open Source for Basic Webdav

Basic webdav funciionality (ie DAV level 1 only) is available in apache licensed software - milton-api and milton-ce. This is suitable for browsing and file uploading for most webdav clients, but should generally not be used if you want broad compatibility across operating systems and office productivity software.

Commercial license for DAV Level2+, Caldav and Carddav

Enhanced features including DAV level 2, CalDav and Carddav are available in the Enterprise Edition (milton-ent) which is commercially licensed - please click here for more information

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Support agreement

Commercial support agreements are available on request. This provides fixed response times for responding to and resolving production support issues. Please contact us for more information


All milton core dependencies are non-copyleft, so there is no "viral" aspect to their use. A complete list of dependencies for milton is available here

Making payment

Once you have ordered your enterprise license we'll send you an invoice with payment instructions.

To make payment you can either:

  • Pay by electronic bank transfer
  • Send a cheque
  • Pay with Paypal
  • Credit card

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