A commercial license entitles the licensee to use Milton in their applications without being bound by the terms of the Affero GPL. The licensee still has full access to source code, and may distribute milton as part of their application without royalty.

License fee: $US900 per server

  • Minimum of three server purchase
  • Volume discounts are available
  • Further discounts available for embedded distribution
  • Milton standard commercial license terms only, please contact us for a quote for non-standard terms

Please contact the author to purchase.

The standard commerical terms are generally permissive and royalty free. Please get in touch to request a copy.

Legacy Milton Support

For access to legacy versions of milton (ie 1.x) and source code please purchase a Milton1 support agreement

Legacy support cost: $US4000/year

Please contact the author to purchase.

All prices subject to change. Please ask for a quote if required.