About Milton

Development on milton started in earnest around August 2007 when Oscar was born and I needed an easy way to upload baby photos. From little things big things grow :)

Although the initial milton suffered from many imperfections, over the following several years continual incremental improvements and contributions from many developers around the world, and an occasional large refactoring, have made it a rock solid, full featured and very flexible library.


Milton uses a dual licensing model, with basic functionality available on the Apache 2 license and more advanced functions for enterprise users available on a commercial (for fee) license

Please see the milton license page for more details


Milton is the result of contributions from several talented developers who have generously shared their work with the Milton community

Acknowledgements here

Who uses milton?

With around 800 unique visitors to Milton website each month Milton is by far the most popular webdav server library for java.

This page is a list of a few projects and organistions i'm aware of using milton