Hello World - Annotations

Really quick, simple tutorial showing how to integrate milton and get a running application with annotations. Includes browsing and uploading

File operation annotations

Shows how to implement most file operations like delete, move, copy, creating folders, locking etc with annotations

Calendar annotations

Really simple example of implementing calendars with annotations

Introduction to Carddav (Resource API)

A worked example showing a simple cardav implementation using the Resource API

Simple webdav browsing (Resource API)

Shows creating an eclipse maven project from scratch with basic file browsing functionality using the Resource API

Basic file operations (Resource API)

Continues the eclipse/maven based example app to show how to implement move, copy, delete as well as uploading and downloading with the Resource API

File Locking (Resource API)

Shows implementing locking, including the difficult lock-null mechanism

Migrating from Milton18 to Milton2.x

This tutorial shows the steps to upgrade your application from milton1.8 to the latest milton 2.

Recent articles

Milton Licensing: Openness vs survival

So milton's licensing structure is a bit weird. Thats the result of a few years of ongoing compromise between conflicting requirements between being as open as possible, while still earning enough income to remain a healthy project.

In this article I'll explain how the licensing works, and why its the way it is.

implementing grizzly in milton

So i hit the limit of what you can do with tomcat with my cloud based web development product, and made the decision to switch to Grizzly. I needed SNI support, with user configurable SNI, and buffered uploads were a real problem

Milton has always had a strong abstraction away from the servlet api meaning that any http server can be plugged in.

I've just got that up and running and have contributed the main parts of the integration to milton, and will walk you through it in this article.

Calconnect 2014 San Francisco

Spending a week in San Francisco working with engineers from Apple, Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL and a bunch of smaller but no less talented outfits. Awesome.


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